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Myself and my horse red started having lessons with Rob about 5 months ago. Since having lessons Red’s dressage has improved and changed immensely. We have really gelled with Rob’s sympathetic and empathetic way of teaching, and strongly believe without this style of teaching we would have not progressed as much as we have. We look forward to continuing our training with Rob and ready to begin our 2013 event season 🙂

Vicky Samways

I didn’t get to say goodbye, I just wanted to say thankyou for coming to my yard today. Everyone really enjoyed their sessions and were grateful for all of your feedback. Its always good to have outsiders come in to give a different perspective. I hope you enjoyed it and would be willing to come back in the New year! Thanks again Jac

Jac (Mudchute Equestrian Centre)

Rob has been absolutely brilliant working with me and my young warmblood, he’s really helped us gain the confidence we needed and truly released out potential. There is not one lesson i’ve had where i haven’t learnt something new and we always come away a clear list of things to work on until the next lesson. I look forward to many more training sessions, and success at lots more competitions – Bring on winter 2012! x

Natalie Dyas

Hi! Back in sunny South Africa and I just have to say the biggest thank you for the ride in Hyde Park on Enigma on Thursday. The fact that you could see how much I wanted to ride, but how scared I was, and how I felt so very safe with you and Enigma is a credit to you as a person and as an instructor. That trot along Rotten Row will be a life highlight forever! I doubt you will ever understand the extent of my fear, and what an amazing thing it was for me to go on that ride. Your calmness and absolute confidence that all was under control was incredible and it translated right across to me. All credit as well to Ross Nye stables for having such a super horse, keeping him so well, and having the sense to use a proper talented instructor. I rode my own horse today with a new sense of confidence. Thanks! You made a dream come true – I hope all your riding dreams come true too…..keep in touch!

Ceri Von Ludwig

I have known Rob for some time now and have also been impressed by his professionalism and maturity for a young man. He is always willing and has helped my horse with his first changes! Even when they go a bit uncomfortable!

Dawn Castle

Rob has been great with my young ex-racer. He challenges us yet know when to back off to let the message sink in (for horse and rider!). We are seeing great improvements already and supported inside and outside the lesson. Rob takes time to listen and has mastered the perfect balance between correction and praise. Thanks.

Laura L

I have been training with Rob for nearly a year now. Rob is a patient teacher and a sympathetic horse trainer. My horse use to over bend in the neck and drop behind the vertical unitl Rob helped us! Rob has a wealth of knowledge and regardless of the level you are training/competing at, Rob offers constructive advice and he has helped with my confidence issues.

Minna Shervington

Have been having Rob now for a little while he has taught me on a few different horses and i can honestly say he brilliant, He’s always focused on the job in hand, is patient with both horse and rider yet still expects improvement and pushes you for more (exactly what you want from a instructor). Rob has a mountain of knowledge and explains this well in lessons, He has given me exactly what i expected in my lessons and can not rate him high enough with youngsters. Rob always has time for you outside of lessons if you have a problem you can always contact him and talk it through and you never feel like your a nusience. He is very flexible with his approach as he realises each horse is different! All i can say is im very pleased that i started using him and can not recommend him high enough and can not wait for his knowledge and help when im ready to start some dressage to music.

Vikki Morris

I have joined RWD a few months ago with my new horse Chablis. The care is second to none, everyone of his needs is taken care of, often without me having to ask. Rob’s support and training is invaluable and has made a world of difference to my riding and confidence. Lastly, my fellow liveries are amazing, a wonderful caring and supporting horsey family!

Lieneke Happel

I joined RWD approximately 2.5 years ago. I am amazed at the attention to detail with regard to the care of the horses and the facilities. Customer satisfaction is clearly very important to Rob and he achieves this by working very hard and ensuring he is always there to support his liveries both with their riding and socially. A really special place to keep my horse, thank you Rob.

Dawn Fleming

After training with Rob for a few years prior to the yard opening, I knew as soon as I heard he was opening a stables of his own I would have to have my two horses there. From the very moment they arrived, everything was in place and nothing was too much effort. The care is totally tailored to each horse and is carried out with meticulous attention to detail. The fantastic facilities, amazing staff and constant care mean our precious creatures are in the best hands. Horses at RWD live the high life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anna Pugh

Rob is exceptional! As a rider, trainer, livery provider and as a human being! Forget the stereotypes when you come to RWD! No gossips; no cliques; no favourites, no short cuts; no excuses; Rob wouldn’t have it and standards are set from the top! What you DO get is an environment which reflects Robs personal standards and attitudes. The utmost professional care of your horse ,fantastic facilities, and access to quality training all in a friendly sociable and inclusive atmosphere. Well done that man!

Pippa Sands