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Its been a long time…

Posted on November 4th, 2013 by

Wow! It’s been a long time since my last blog…and so much has happened!!!

So what’s been going on?????

I have moved and finally settled in at Hammer & Harp Farm…oh…and managed to become double regional champion!!!

So a couple of weeks ago we made the trip to National Dressage Championships at Stoneleigh Park. This is the biggest event in British Dressage’s calendar. Horses and competitors flock from across the country all of us wanting to be crowned National Champion! And make the most of the fantastic shopping.

Wanting to acclimatize Rhodesia with the main competition rings we made the trip up on the Thursday afternoon. Friday morning arrived rather fast and it was a 6.30am early start at the stables ready for the arena walk. Poor Robbie was blinking as much as us as we were tacking him up. I swear this horse is a 27yr old in a 6 yr olds body! He didn’t bat an eyelid at anything around the arena. Believe me they throw everything at you; flags, flowers, cars, archways covered in flowers, hospitality tents and not to mention the surrounding grandstands!!!

I was so lucky to have such a big support team, super groom Kelly had made the trip up from home who along with Ollie made Robbie look a million dollars! Of course Lynne was there in owner capacity, Louise Spate came to warm me up, Dawn, Martina and Pippa Sands all came to give a hand. It was lovely to see Dawn & Co from Equine Essentials who had also come along to celebrate or commiserate….

I was happy with the tests, the Novice, felt a little if Rhodesia held his breath the whole way round. The Elementary we put the foot down, added the power but with two communication problems which can be expensive with 5 judges (you can hide nothing!!) just knocked us down the placings

We have to remember that up until 9 months ago he really hadn’t done anything, so the last year has been a steep learning curve! I am confident that there will be many more Nationals in the years to come ☺

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