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Summer of Fun

Posted on July 10th, 2013 by

What a year this seems to be turning into!!!

As many of you have probably heard or read, as of the 1st August I will be taking over Hammer & Harp Farm a local yard in Beaconsfield. The owner has made a fantastic job of building a really lovely, workable yard. With 12 stables, 25x60m ménage, showjumping paddock, cross-country jumps I am going to be very busy!! I want to create a facility not just for dressage riders but for anyone wanting to be in a fun, friendly yet professional environment. The well organized South Bucks Riding Club will continue to run their fantastic shows and training clinics from there and over time I am looking at hiring out the arena e.t.c to riding clubs, pony club or individuals looking to practice their tests in a large ménage or pop over a course of jumps. Outside instructors are also welcome to teach from there.

Life is a little manic at the moment as I am sure you can imagine. I seem to be surrounded by contracts, organizing suppliers, staff e.t.c to ensure that come the 1st 12 horses will have a very smooth transfer over. Its times like these you really know who your friends are.

Anyway…back to the day job…..

A few weeks ago I was asked to judge the OBH South branch of the Pony Club as they were preparing for area qualifiers. It was great to see the interest they all had, coming up to me at the end asking how they could improve their marks. Dressage seems to be loosing the reputation of being… that boring bit you did before the fun jumping started…. Actually thinking about it, it was interesting in more ways then one! I arrived and was directed over to the immaculate arena laid out in the field….In a field full of sheep!!! We were regularly invaded by those brave few sheep trying to get to the ‘other side’. This wasn’t the only thing!!! Half way through my class, my car horn went on strike!! The blue beasty as she is known amongst friends is always so reliable…not today! With that and the giant pink pig, I joke not…that was very tactfully planted slap bang next to the arena it made for a quite an interesting morning.

June also saw the week of Royal Ascot. My really good friend Rosie and I are both lucky enough to be members of the Royal Enclosure. We got all dressed up….well…when I say dressed up, Rosie obviously looked lovely. I think I could have given penguin from Batman a run for his money! If they ever do a remake then they should give me a call 😉 It was a fab day and happy to say I did flutter on the gigis and came away with more then when I arrived, only £6 more but it was still a plus!!

I was back to work a few days later for a trip to Patchetts with Rhodesia and the gang. It was lovely as my sponsor, Dawn from Equine Essentials managed to escape the buzz of the shop to come and watch. With our great results at Widmer Farm Equestrian, a few weeks early we decided to chase the last few points we needed to qualify at Elementary. Happy to report it was a success and we qualified☺. We finished up with 73.10% and 2nd place in our first test. Rhodesia thought he would produce the final centerline from the Prix St George, with a beautiful collected canter rather then the working trot that was required. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and laugh.

All of the required movements were shown in the second test and we were rewarded with 1st place and a massive 74.11% I love this horse more and more each day. I am so lucky to ride him!

So August is going to be a very busy month, with the take over of my new yard and then the Summer Regionals at Novice and Elementary!! I don’t think I would want it any other way!! ☺


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