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What a 2 weeks they were!!!

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by

Quite alot has happened since my last post and launch of my blog! Happy to report all for the good though!!

For the last two weeks I have literally eaten, drank and dreamt about Winter regional preparation!!

Rhodesia had been going really well in his work and the new freestyle I had put together fitted well. So we decided to take him to Addington so he could get a feel for the place before the big day. In his first test he was alittle shy and felt like he held his breath the whole way around. I was happy though as for our first time out I just wanted a clear run and a good experience for him. The judge rewarded us with 71% Then for our second test, in which he finally started to breath and flew!!!! This time the judge gave us 79%!!!!! I had to hold Lynne up as we stood studying the scoreboard. I even popped in and ask if it had been added up correctly to which the scorer laughed! Our sheet consisted of mainly 8s, a few sevens and three 9s!!! To say we were over the moon would have been a little bit of an understatement!

This win lead to a lovely writeup in that weeks Horse and Hound in which Robbie was named their One To Watch!!

And then came the snow………. and a few more grey hairs for me!!!

On the Monday morning I was not going to be defeated by the snow and was in the arena digging frantically away trying to desperately to clear a track. After 15 minutes I resembled Scott of the Antarctic in a snow storm and my dug track….covered in snow!!! Somebody up there loves me though as later that afternoon the snow stopped and I was able to clear a track and get back riding.

On the 14th with Robbie primped and preening to within an inch of his life Lynne, Robbie and I made our way to Addington. We arrived with plenty of time for a cup of tea and a catch up with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time! Then began the routine that had been organised for weeks, it was more structured then the D-Day landings!!! Warm up went well, he felt loose and lovely. We were called and then the realisation of what he was doing hit Robbie head on! He didn’t know what to make of the flowers and the 3 judges sat at the end of the arena, as I coaxed him past I did whisper that they were scary to me as well!! The bell rang, my hand went up and we were off. The first part of the test was alittle tense but as it went on he completely relaxed and it felt like he said ok Dad, lets show them. There were a few green mistakes but for his first time in that environment I was really pleased. The score came up…it was 1st place with 72.22%!!!! We led until the last five of the 35 strong class when we were just pipped into second place! We couldn’t have asked for anymore from the big guy and to get a result like that with those little mistakes makes the future quite exciting!

I am not sure its a good thing, but have to say that was the best Valentines Day I have ever had!!!

So, we are off to Hartpury in April!!! Happy to report Robbie is having some well deserved downtime in the field with his pals and some lovely hacks in the woods. Hopefully we will go to Snowball Farm at the beginning of April to complete our Summer qualification.

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